Light measurement

Brightness measurement is one of the basic tasks of photometry …


  • Technical consultation on lighting
  • Developing a lighting study
  • Light technical calculations
  • Graphic design of the project
  • Supply and assembly of lightings
  • Ensuring the installation of lighting
  • Measurement of lighting systems

Product range

  • Interior lights
  • Exterior lights
  • Industrial lightings
  • Design lights
  • LED lights
  • Atypical fixtures
  • Production of lights


  • Office / Retail
  • Flats, Houses
  • Exposition, Exhibitions, Museums
  • Public areas
  • Cultural and educational facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Sports grounds

Where the impossible ends, we start

The art of light and its perfect design for any space with maximum demands for quality and functionality.

Design is the main part of our professional activities. We achieve the required parameters linked to the best design of our own production, or brands of world-renowned manufacturers.

All of this forms our gallery in which art and design mingle in symbiosis with usable values and demands which are placed on us, and that we can apply to any space. Where the impossible ends, we start with the solution.

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